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Thyladomid was born in Cologne into a musical family and began learning piano at the age of 5years. His first impressions of Club Culture started in 2006 when he had the opportunity to accompany a well-known DJ. Thyladomid is famous for his forward thinking Deep Melodic Dance Music which earned him respect and support from many people of the scene and evolved also in cooperations with Adriatique and the Singer Mahfoud. His Productions is familiar to many through his work on Hamburg Label "Diynamic" which has lead him to perform around the world, together with Artists such as: Adriatique, Solomun, Kollektiv Turmstraße, Hosh, David August, Stimming, and many more.

Infected, he decided to invest all the money he managed to earn into buying production equipment. All his time and energy went into producing electronic music and achieved within a short period a professional level. In 2007 the project “Thyladomid” was born and in the same Year Charles Thiemann alias Thyladomid had his first digital release and made his first DJ appearance in a club in Neuss. Since then the name Thyladomid became widely known in the region. The experience gathered in various gigs at home and abroad broadened his spectrum in the electronic music scene. Charles was influenced by the new trend House and began producing in this direction. Steve Lawler took notice of his talent and in October 2009 had his first release on the renowned British label “VIVa Music”. In the summer of 2010 he released his first EP on the Berlin label “Off Recordings” the title “The Voice” held the no.1 position of the Beatport Deep House Charts” for six weeks and became the summer hit of 2010. In March 2011 he received a reward from the “Winter Music Conference” in Miami. At the same time he started connecting with "Adriatique" from Switzerland. Together they set up a new usic project and their first release was on Solomun's new "2DIY4" label. Later in 2011 a release on his big Label "Diynamic" was followed.

With his first album "Interstellar Destiny" in 2015 Thyladomid has already changed towards more introspective music and you will hear he has taken that a step further here. In Comparison to his Album "Places" in 2018 refers to different places which inspired him to write the Album and offers a higher Level of Complexity in the making of Music which has helped Thyladomid to enhance the moody Quality in a dazzling way sometimes even spine tingling when you let yourself go to explore the abundance of the Tracks. As he said in his own words: "The Albums Intention was that of an organic produced Album with different Moods. Instruments such as Piano and Violin as well as field recording bring alive a special Quality. The Bouncing of Stones on a frozen Pond recorded with multiple Microphones suggest for Example an authentic spacious Quality. The self recorded Percussion, sometimes quite exotic were included in all of the Tracks. The Combination of synthetic Sounds with traditionally Instruments was one of the big Challenges for me."

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