• Favorite They Might Be Giants Songs by Album

    17. Jan. 2012, 20:35 von patteroast

    Yeah, I think I like this enough to keep it up for the other artists that I have multiple albums by. I started with Barenaked Ladies, and now I'm moving on to They Might Be Giants. I don't have the kids' albums, but I did recently finish my collection of all the other studio albums.

    They Might Be Giants (1986):
    Favorite Song: She's An Angel
    "I met someone at the dog show/she was holding my left arm/But everyone was acting normal/so I tried to look nonchalant/We both said, 'I really love you'/The Shriners loaned us cars/We raced up and down the sidewalk/twenty thousand million times..."
    Runners Up: Don't Let's Start, Hide Away Folk Family, Put Your Hand Inside The Puppet Head
    Least Favorite: Toddler Hiway

    Lincoln (1988):
    Favorite Song: Ana Ng
    "Make a hole with a gun perpendicular/to the name of this town in a desktop globe/Exit wound in a foreign nation/Showing the home of the one this was written for..."
    Runners Up: Mr. Me, Purple Toupee, Cowtown
    Least Favorite: You'll Miss Me
  • The DNA of Taste: Top Eleven Songs at 2:14

    25. Sep. 2009, 6:57 von rockrobster23

    No time for polish, all I got is the spit. So quickly now, like a short song:

    One thing that has demonstrated to me is how unique each individual's taste is. A couple of weeks ago, I listened to LisaV's station for a little while, and after being prompted, she identified exactly which 90-minute stretch of my recently played tracks was "hers."

    LisaV and I have very high musical compatibility, so it's not like she spotted the section of Bach fugues and Brazilian war chants among my usual fare. Her radio station is pretty similar to mine, and yet it was easy for her to identify it. And the amazing thing is not that she could do it, but that probably anyone can.

    Go ahead, try it out. Find a friend with whom you share very high or super compatibility, and play her station for an hour or so (or more). A day or two (or more) later, ask that person to find it. I bet she can; it will be unmistakable, like a snowflake with fingerprints.

    Project Index

    The Top Eleven Songs at 2:14
  • What the fuck was that about

    24. Nov. 2007, 8:57 von ZeroR

    Fuck yeah, I'm going to make a really long post now.

    I think the first thing I listened to was either
    Simple Plan or maybe Kiss.

    Yeah, it was KISS. I listened to the former a bit, then stopped. My father also listened to The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, as he does now. I never really appreciated them until now. Don't know why. Anyway, Simple Plan never really appealed to me. I heard of KISS back then on Nickelodeon, back when it was good. I mean, it had to be good. It had KISS.

    But my musical journey never really started until Green Day. It was my friend, he had me listen to American Idiot. Being the impressionable person that I was, I was hooked.

    Well, I can't blame them, American Idiot was okay, I guess. After a while, I bought the album. That's when I learned that Green Day had other songs. Woo. I pretty much tried to listen to all of them, from Nimrod to whatever.

    Then I just got bored. I had nearly 100 songs from Green Day. Now, it's around 25? Don't know. …