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  • Jahre aktiv

    2003 – heute (15 Jahre)

We are the edge of the biggest ride of the history. Is this the year when the cosmic clock finally runs down to zero days to zero hope? Deepest questions of our time are looking answers from the past. Facing alarming complexity. Vanishing species…or something? Thence is something from there. Just to feel the ambience of the surrounded world.

Thence was founded in 2003. Other musical projects of the members have contributed to the fact that the first album is only now ready. Music could be described as the slight melting pot. We've been captured elements to our music from rock, prog, jazz, blues, and also metal music. All of this has not been in any way deliberate but has become a full natural development as the music has been increased. Juha Sirkkiä founded the band in 2003. However, the band has been in the drawer until today. Erno Räsänen joined the band and immediately from that we started making the first album.

Thence’s first album, These stones cry from the earth, captures the atmosphere. Album has only one song and the total duration of this package is 57.09. We did not intend originally to do such a package, but still the music began to grow, it felt that this must be done in this way. The album is composed and recorded almost at the same time. Maybe that is the reason that the listener can not be leave unfinished, but it must listen it to the end. Hopefully, you will also do so.

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