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Trying to figure out the identity of T/M/K? Good luck!

// „Identity is a tombstone someone put upon us“
// (taken from the „joyful interpretation by Father Marco Menon“)

Where do you start looking for identity? The name? T/M/K releases as "Textbook of Modern Karate", formerly known as "Thee Maldoror Kollektive", and we are pretty sure that this is part of a strategy to cover the tracks.

Let's start somewhere else. The core of T/M/K are "JD", "Miss EVA" and "HK" from Turin, Italy. Since 1998 T/M/K have had nine releases - always featuring contributing musicians, remixers and other artists. This impressive track record has shown influences of occult black music, deathmetal, a combination of rock and electronics and led from progressive/avant-garde filmscores to the latest release: "Need the Needle".

This record is what comes nearest to an identity. An album that is so rich in music style, overwhelming in quality and thick in sound layers that it leaves you speechless and stunned for which grotesque world unfolds in front of your inner eye.

"Need the Needle” is the meltdown of T/M/Ks track record. And if you really are trying to figure out an identity for this lively collective of musicians, then maybe it is: "Need The Needle": Sampling, Jazz, Kabarett, Blues, Electronics, Metal, Occultism, Wisdom, Weirdness.

A trip. A circus.

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