• [90] The Who – The Who Sell Out (1967)

    16. Feb. 2009, 11:56 von Llorenza

    The WhoThe Who Sell Out

    The extraordinary thing about this album is its concept. It sounds like a broadcast from the pirate radio station 'Radio London' and the songs alternate with radio jingles and commercials. When The Who sings about a girl that has used the wrong kind of deodorant (and because of that loses her great love, how tragic), it is followed by a commercial for Odorono. This is an album that hangs together like glue, very easy to listen to and especially: that doesn't take itself very seriously. The lyrics are most of the time really ridiculous (about deodorants, tattoos that make you a real man, etc.) and it all fits the concept.

    Which is all very nice of course.
    However, even though the album starts with the fantastic Armenia City in the Sky, it then becomes a bit too smooth if you ask me. The Who put all the irony in the concept, but they've lost some of their sharper sound of the My Generation album. Where have the drums gone?! Sure, this album shows that Roger Daltrey can do a lot of styles…