• Bands I've seen live

    24. Feb. 2009, 6:29 von ztl_olmi

    As I can't really ever remember all the artists I've seen live and someone always asks, I thought it'd be good to make a comprehensive list (this also allows me to clear out those retarded "seen live" tags that I used to mark the bands so I could remember them). This list won't have exactly all (I might not remember one or two and I don't know the names of a couple), but the bulk is here (regardless of whether I liked them or not).

    This list is for my own personal benefit only, it's not meant as any kind of "I've seen more bands than you" e-penis measuring contest. Do note that this list also covers the basement bands that do not have any releases and/or a Last.fm-page and/or have maybe done one or two gigs at most. If the band has a name, they're in this list.

    In alphabetical order (bands beginning with The go under T):
    Absoluuttinen nollapiste
    Acid Symphony Orchestra
    Active Minds
    Anaal Nathrakh
    Anal Thunder