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© May 04, 2004 Abkco
Limited Edition; Box Set (12 Disc)

A spectacularly appointed box set, SINGLES 1963-1965 is perhaps the ultimate collector's item for the Rolling Stones fan. It presents, in CD form, perfect replicas of each of the band's 45's from the era, packaged with the original picture sleeves, record labels, and even vinyl-style grooves printed on the surface of the CDs. Add in a passel of fantastic period photos and stellar liner notes, and one might almost forget to listen to the music. Almost.

Singles 1963-1965 CD DISC 1:
1. Come On
2. I Want to Be Loved
Singles 1963-1965 Songs DISC 2:
1. I Wanna Be Your Man
2. Stoned
Singles 1963-1965 Album DISC 3:
1. Bye Bye Johnny
2. Money
3. You Better Move On
4. Poison Ivy
Singles 1963-1965 CD DISC 4:
1. Not Fade Away
2. Little by Little
Singles 1963-1965 Songs DISC 5:
1. It's All Over Now
2. Good Times, Bad Times
Singles 1963-1965 Album DISC 6:
1. If You Need Me
2. Empty Heart
3. 2120 South Michigan Avenue
4. Confessin' the Blues
5. Around & Around
Singles 1963-1965 CD DISC 7:
1. Tell Me
2. I Just Wanna Make Love to You
Singles 1963-1965 Songs DISC 8:
1. Time Is on My Side
2. Congratulations
Singles 1963-1965 Album DISC 9:
1. Little Red Rooster, The
2. Off the Hook
Singles 1963-1965 CD DISC 10:
1. Heart of Stone
2. What a Shame
Singles 1963-1965 Songs DISC 11:
1. Last Time, The
2. Play With Fire
Singles 1963-1965 Album DISC 12:
1. We Want the Stones
2. Everybody Needs Somebody to Love
3. Pain in My Heart
4. Route 66
5. I'm Moving On
6. I'm Alright

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