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In Stu’s Honour (Part 2)
(Disc 2) A Bit Faster Stu… (‘68-‘83)
A Jack Daniels Selection
This CD is a reconstruction’ of the tribute concert for Stu at the 100Club in London in 1986

Ian Stewart was the second Rolling Stone after Brian Jones and before all others. He was the first to respond Brian’s ad in Jazz News; he joined Brian and Jeff Bradford. Then Mick Jagger met them at the Ealing R&B Club and joined their rehearsals, bringing his mates Keith Richards and Dick Taylor. Stu was the first person Keith met when he auditioned for the job.

01. With Us For 20, 30, 40 Years (Handsome Girls 4)
02. Let It Bleed (We Hate You)
03. Honky Tonk Women (Get Yer Yah-Yah’s Out)
04. Brown Sugar (In Again, Out Again)
05. Sweet Virginia (Nasty Music)
06. Stop Breaking Down (Exile On Mainstreet)
07. Silver Train (GraveStones)
08. Star Star (In Again Out again)
09. It’ Only Rock And Roll (Love You Live)
10. Dance Little Sister (It’s Only Rock And Roll)
11. Short and Curlies (It’s Only Rock And Roll)
12. Petrol Gang (Some Girls Sessions)
13. Claudine (Lonely At The Top)
14. Hang Fire (We hate You)
15. Black Limousine (Tattoo You)
16. No Use In Crying (Tattoo You)
17. She Was Hot (Undercover)
18. Pretty Beat Up (Undercover)
19. I Think I’m Going Mad (B-side single She Was Hot)
20. Cook Cook Blues (More Stripped)
21. Blues Improvisation Stu (Dirty Work)

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