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In Stu’s Honour (Part 1)
(Disc 1) Sixth Stone… Always There ('62-'67)
A Jack Daniels Selection
This CD is a reconstruction’ of the tribute concert for Stu at the 100Club in London in 1986

Ian Stewart was the second Rolling Stone after Brian Jones and before all others. He was the first to respond Brian’s ad in Jazz News; he joined Brian and Jeff Bradford. Then Mick Jagger met them at the Ealing R&B Club and joined their rehearsals, bringing his mates Keith Richards and Dick Taylor. Stu was the first person Keith met when he auditioned for the job.

01. Bright Lights, Big City (Bright Lights, Big City)
02. Roadrunner (Bright Lights Big City)
03. Stoned (Singles Collection)
04. There Are But Five Rolling Stones (Metamorphosis Plus)
05. Can I Get A Witness (The Rolling Stones)
06. Now I've Got A Witness (The Rolling Stones)
07. You Can Make It If You Try (The Rolling Stones)
08. 2120 South Michigan Avenue (Around and Around)
09. Stewed And Keefed (Bright Lights Big City)
10. Down The Road Apiece (The Rolling Stones no.2)
11. It's All Over Now (Singles Collection)
12. Look What You've Done (December's Children)
13. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love (The Rolling Stones no.2)
14. What A Shame (Singles Collection)
15. Time Is On My Side (Singles Collection)
16. The Last Time (Singles Collection)
17. Looking Tired (Bright Lights Big Coty)
18. Under Assistent West Coast Promotion Man (Out of Our Heads)
19. Doncha Bother Me (Aftermath)
20. Goin' Home (Aftermath)
21. Flight 505 (Aftermath)
22. My Obsession (Between the Buttons)
23. Miss Amanda Jones (Between the Buttons)

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