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  • Jahre aktiv

    2009 – heute (12 Jahre)

  • Gegründet

    London, England, Vereinigtes Königreich

  • Mitglieder

    • Aaron Holloway-Nahum
    • Adam Swayne
    • Amy Green
    • Andrew Connington
    • Ausiàs Garrigós Morant
    • Celeste Cronje
    • Claudia Maria Racovicean
    • Goska Isphording
    • Kate Walter
    • Louise McMonagle
    • Philip Haworth
    • Pétur Jónasson
    • Sarah Dacey
    • Sarah Mason
    • Sarah Saviet
    • Stephen Upshaw
    • Tim Rutherford-Johnson

The Riot Ensemble connects people to great contemporary music in concerts and events that are just as innovative, vibrant and rewarding as the music itself. We do this in venues ranging from the concert hall, to London’s parks, to YouTube. Our twenty Artistic Board members are some of the top European soloists in new music, and with Riot they work as performers, curators, commissioners, and collaborators, creating and producing a diverse array of projects around Europe.

Based in London, we are particularly active in bringing emerging international voices into the British new-music scene, and since 2012 have given more than 200 World and UK premieres by composers from more than thirty countries. Our annual call for scores has resulted in almost twenty commissions, many of which have gone on to feature in our growing discovery. Our other initiatives have included a Young Composer of the Year programme which, in collaboration with the foreSOUND School of Music, has commissioned more than a dozen teenagers to write their first pieces.

Riot has performed at hcmf// (UK), Dark Music Days (Iceland), Tampere Biennale (Finland), Nordic Music Days (Sweden), and Música en Segura (Spain).

Our work has been regularly and generously supported by Opus 2 International and Arts Council England lottery grants, alongside numerous private sponsors, PRSF, the Ambache Charitable Trust, the RVW Trust, and the Holst Foundation.

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