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Coming together from Chile and Germany in 2008, The Outside are now challenging listeners with a compelling mélange of hard music. The pounding and banging drums of Alberto Atalah. The rhythmic and thrashing guitars of Sergio Klein. From Turkey, Halid Pestil's joined the band with his distinctly driving bass. And Roland B. Marx' vocals, melodic as direct in style. All in one the now Berlin-based outfit The Outside evoke a storm of sound, ignoring subgenres and creating their very own vision of progress in metal.

The bands first Demo-CD was recorded live in Berlin's Monongo studios (Motörhead, Lemmy Kilmister, Skew Siskin) and released in 2009. The drums for the full-length album were recorded there as well, guitars were done at Sergio Klein's very own Artshock studios, and vocalist Roland B. Marx recorded privately at home. Mixing and mastering were done by Igor Leiva at Atomic Noise Studio in Santiago de Chile. The outstanding cover artwork was painted by Claudio Bergamin, who works for artists like Rob Halford, Criminal or Paradox.

Genre: Metal

Roland B. Marx - Vocals
Sergio Klein - Guitars
Halid Pestil - Bass
Alberto Atalah - Drums

Hometown: Viña del Mar, Chile / Currently based in Berlin, Germany

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