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This is a sequel of sorts to The Moody Blues' 1986 hit "Your Wildest Dreams." Both songs were written by the group's guitarist, Justin Hayward," who told as that the success of "Dreams" showed him that such subject matter had universal appeal and was far from frivolous. As for the inspiration, he said: "They both were about at least one particular person. I wouldn't say it was all about one person, but at least one particular person. And my advice to anybody who wants to go back is that you can never go home. And best to leave the past as the past."
Justin Hayward received the 1988 Ivor Novello Award for Composer of the Year for writing this song.
Justin Hayward said this song was his personal favorite of all the songs he'd written. He said, "I love performing it. Wherever we go, people like it. It wasn't a massive hit, but people know it. It wasn't a massive hit because it's about 6 minutes long and no one did a successful edit on it. That's probably the one that gives me the most pleasure."
In an interview with Paul Harris, Justin Hayward said this song is about trying to find out what happened to your first love: "I think it just was one of those things where everyone wants to know what happened to the first person they ever really loved. Best not to find out. Best to leave it as a nice memory."
To keep musical continuity, Hayward used many of the same elements on "I Know You're Out There Somewhere" that he incorporated into "Your Wildest Dreams," a process that isn't so hard when using a synthesizer. In his 2016 Songfacts interview, he said: "I did the keyboard and the guitar and the Linn drum for 'Wildest Dreams,' which was finished first, and for 'I Know You're Out There Somewhere' I decided to use the same keyboard sound and bass sound that I'd got on a Yamaha DX7 and continue that theme. It's identical tempo and everything."

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