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The Locust is an American experimental noisecore band from San Diego, California.

The Locust are famous for having a synth-heavy, heavily distorted, powerviolence (particularly on early releases)-influenced sound, as well as a disturbing stage presence. Bassist Justin Pearson has said, “I just want to change the way people look at music or maybe just destroy it in general.”

The Locust’s music is challenging and fast-paced. It features unexpected and inconsistent time-signature changes. These erratic elements of The Locust’s music are, according to guitarist Bobby Bray, “a reflection of perhaps how our brains have to function in order to be able to do anything in the Western societies we live in.”

Members include Justin Pearson (Bass/vocals), Gabe Serbian (Drums), Joey Karam (Synth/vocals), and Bobby Bray (Guitar/Vocals) Some members formerly played in a somewhat well known screamo band called Swing Kids as well as the punk rock band Le Shok. Holy Molar, Some Girls, The Crimson Curse and Cattle Decapitation are notable Locust side-projects, the latter acquiring death metal fame of its own.

The Locust have a unique stage presence. Costumed in full-body, white (occasionally green or black) skin-tight nylon suits with large, black mesh, bug-like eye and mouth coverings, these suits help create atmosphere during their shows. Unlike most bands, which normally have the drums set up behind the other members, the four members of The Locust are all positioned in a line at the front of the stage.

The band has been criticized for the majority of their fame being owed to their vulgar, needlessly long song titles. The same people say that this is “why they are famous,” their music is irrelevant and fans of The Locust are only interested in the band’s ironic song titles.

Instead of talking to the crowd, The Locust tune their instruments after almost every song. This often takes longer than the song they just performed. While this happens they are frequently heckled by crowd members unfamiliar with the band.

The group recommends that in order to get the full impact of the band, one should see them live.

The Locust vehemently boycotts Clear Channel Communications, refusing to play in any Clear Channel-owned venues. This boycott affected a 2005 tour with Fantômas.

Lyrically, The Locust is a scathing satire of popular mainstream US culture, sexuality, and US politics. Amidst the high-pitched screams and shrills of the vocals, it is nearly impossible to discern what is being said unless you are autistic.

The Locust new full-length album for ANTI “New Erections” was released on March 30, 2007. They are now touring in celebration.


The Locust (1998)
Plague Soundscapes (2003)
New Erections (2007)
The Peel Sessions (2010)

The Locust (1997)
Flight of the Wounded Locust (2001)
Well I'll Be a Monkey's Uncle (2002)
Follow the Flock, Step in Shit (2003)
Safety Second, Body Last (2005)

split with Man Is the Bastard (1995)
split with Jenny Piccolo (1995)
split with Arab on Radar (2000)
split with Melt-Banana (2002)

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