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Singles Box is a compilation album by The Clash. Included within is all the singles that they released in the UK (meaning no single for "Train in Vain (Stand by Me)", their first top 40 single in America), with the single mixes and edits with the B-sides released, and also containing B-sides from different parts of the world.

The discs are packaged in a sleeve which reproduces the design of the original single, and they come in a protective sleeve. The CDs themselves are designed to look like vinyl records, with a textured top to look like a record with grooves and the data side being black, and a reproduction of the record label in the center of the disc.

Disk: 1
1. London Calling (Album Version)
2. Armagideon Time (Album Version)
3. Justice Tonight
4. Kick It Over
5. Clampdown (Album Version)
6. The Card Cheat (Album Version)
7. Lost In The Supermarket (Album Version)

Disk: 2
1. Listen (Edit)
2. Interview With The Clash On The Circle Line
3. Interview With The Clash On The Circle Line
4. Capital Radio One (Album Version)

Disk: 3
1. Remote Control (Album Version)
2. London's Burning (Live)
3. London's Burning (Album Version)

Disk: 4
1. Complete Control (Album Version)
2. The City Of The Dead (Album Version)

Disk: 5
1. Clash City Rockers (Album Version)
2. Jail Guitar Doors (Album Version)

Disk: 6
1. (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais (Album Version)
2. The Prisoner (Album Version)

Disk: 7
1. Tommy Gun (Album Version)
2. 1-2 Crush On You (Album Version)

Disk: 8
1. English Civil War (Album Version)
2. Pressure Drop (Album Version)

Disk: 9
1. I Fought The Law (Album Version)
2. Groovy Times (Album Version)
3. Gates Of The West (Album Version)
4. Capital Radio Two (Album Version)

Disk: 10
1. Bankrobber (Album Version)
2. Rockers Galore…UK Tour
3. Rudie Can't Fail (Album Version)
4. Train In Vain (Album Version)

Disk: 11
1. The Call Up (Album Version)
2. Stop The World (Album Version)

Disk: 12
1. Hitsville U.K. (Album Version)
2. Radio One
3. Police On My Back (Album Version)
4. Somebody Got Murdered (Album Version)

Disk: 13
1. The Magnificent Seven - Edit
2. The Magnificent Dance (Edit)
3. Lightning Strikes (Not Once But Twice) (Album Version)
4. One More Time (Album Version)
5. One More Dub (Album Version)
6. The Cool Out (Album Version)
7. The Magnificent Seven (Album Version)
8. The Magnificent Dance (Album Version)

Disk: 14
1. This Is Radio Clash (Album Version)
2. Radio Clash
3. Outside Broadcast
4. Radio 5

Disk: 15
1. Know Your Rights (Album Version)
2. First Night Back In London (Album Version)

Disk: 16
1. Rock The Casbah (Album Version)
2. Long Time Jerk
3. Mustapha Dance (Album Version)
4. Red Angel Dragnet (Album Version)
5. Overpowered By Funk (Album Version)

Disk: 17
1. Should I Stay Or Should I Go (Album Version)
2. Straight To Hell (Edited Version)
3. Inoculated City (Album Version)
4. Cool Confusion (Album Version)

Disk: 18
1. This Is England
2. Do It Now (Album Version)
3. Sex Mad Roar

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