• "Novelty Swimming Lessons" - Extended Playlist 060508 - 107.3FM

    7. Mai. 2008, 8:05 von Lars_ollo

    This week we delve into a pool of juicy new releases which have reached us in the last few weeks. High catch-up time, what with the themes muscling in on the regularly scheduled programming!! Life vests courtesy of a Residential grand opening and a New Beat interlude. Stroke…and breathe!

    The Residents - Main Titles (God In Three Persons)
    (“God In Three Persons” - 1988, Torso)

    kirameki - Wave Of Imitation
    (“Kirameki” - 2008, Kiramekimusic)

    Fabulous Diamonds - (4)
    (“7 Songs” - 2008, Nervous Jerk) #

    Animal Collective - Water Curses
    (“Water Curses EP” - 2008, Domino)

    Four Tet - Wing Body Wing
    (“Ringer” - 2008, Domino)

    Paul Mac & Dirty Cub - Portaloo (remix of Prop - Portal)
    (“Cook Cut Damage Destroy” - 2003, Silent) #

    Husky Rescue - Caravan (Serge Santiago Version)
    (“Caravan” single - 2007, Catskills)

    White Williams - Headlines
    (“Smoke” - 2008, Domino)

    Snowy Red - Euroshima-Wardance
    (“Euroshima-Wardance” 12inchEP - 1988, Antler)

  • Rediscovering The Bird

    22. Jun. 2007, 21:04 von davemg

    I don't normally like to delete anything from my computer. But, since I've been in Nicaragua and they don't have limits on bandwidth like they do in Oz, I've been filling my laptop's harddrive with all sorts of stuff. I started running low on room so I thought I'd go through my music collection and clear out some of the stuff that I never listen to. Some of it I've never listened to really either.

    I came across some stuff by "The Bird" and I remembered that a friend of mine had played it at a party at his place one night. I remembered that I liked it when I heard but that later, when I listened to it at home it sounded pretty crap and actually quite different from what I remembered. I thought I must have been in a generous mood that night... hmm.

    Anyway, I gave it a listen again before I hit the delete button just in case I was in a bad mood last time I listened to it. And to my surprise it sounded great again like the first time I had listened to it!?!

  • Death by festival

    13. Feb. 2007, 9:38 von rightroundmusic

    [ Excerpt from Sydney blog by Annette Loudon @ ]

    I turn the page in the Sydney indie music paper, The Brag, and break out into a cold sweat — it's another bloody festival! This particular offender calls itself the Playground Weekender. It's a three-day affair, with a stack of bands I love, and to top it off, the whole thing is going to be a big fancy dress party. To the naïve reader it might sound like a lot of fun. That's EXACTLY what THEY want you to think.

    Sydney is in the grip of Festival Fever. Just when I think we can't possibly sustain yet another festival, two or three more spring up right under my nose. This onslaught is clearly a conspiracy by aliens to weaken the population of Sydney before they launch their attack. They thought we'd be too delirious to notice, but I know what's up, and I'm not about to keep quiet.

    It started out innocently enough, with a few large-scale festivals scattered across the country throughout the year. …