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  • Nine Short Album Reviews.

    8. Mär. 2006, 9:09 von not_jason

    The sole perk of my job at the gas station is that I work alone with full control over what I listen to. I used to do this on the old cassette player boom box we had by jamming a tape adapter into it and listening to my discman, but a few months ago, my coworker invested in a boombox with a CD player. It's pretty sweet. Anyway. I recently discovered that a great way to pass the 8 hours is to listen to full albums at a time. I thought it might be neat if following my shifts, I did a write up here of what I listened to, and anything that I have to say about the albums. This is my first such installment.

    1. Chutes Too Narrow

    I hadn't listed to this album in a while prior to today. It turned out to be a wise choice. I bought this album on a whim almost two years ago following my becoming good friends with Tony. There was this awesome SubPop sale at bullmoose one time when we were shopping, and Tony seemed to think highly of this record, so I bought it. At first I was turned off by the aesthetic of the album. …
  • Ride a Fucking Bike.

    27. Feb. 2006, 7:54 von not_jason

    Currently I am listening to Fifteen. No band has ever been even a tenth as punk rock as Fifteen. In just about ever respect, Fifteen is objectively and inarguably bad. Jeff Ott is hands down the worst singer to ever track vocals, and he actually got progressively worse with each record. The production quality is mostly terrible. Doubled vocal takes fail to sync up properly, riffs are missed and fouled up, and there are countless moments where one finds themselves thinking "did they do this whole damn record in one take or what?" Lyrically, they are about as ridiculously left wing as any punk band has ever been. The difference, however, is that Fifteen was legit. Jeff Ott was a homeless drug addict who recorded albums on borrowed guitars. The people he sings about really existed. His lyrics might be absurd, but they are often times smart. As pathetic as it is to be moved by a nineties political punk band, there are Fifteen songs that have honestly made a difference in my life. …