• Texas - Red Book

    15. Nov. 2005, 18:01 von Rednaxela83

    So the 8th studio album by Texas was released last week......and here are my thoughts on it!

    1.036: Well just an intro! reminiscent of WoB...
    2.Getaway: The comeback song! Shot into the top 10 earlier this year and dropped out like a stone. Not really anything new but enjoyable anyway.....my top played track of the year in fact...hmm
    3.Can't Resist: The second single, awful choice! It;s a good song, something a little different you can spot Brian Higgins influence. However seeing as it only got played on Radio 2 it didn't really encourage their listeners to buy the album.
    4.What About Us: Ooh now this is special. Was originally going to be the second single...shame it wasn't. Very 80's sounding and sort of melancoly sounding which fits really well with the lyrics.
    5.Cry: WOW...guitars in the intro! This is track 5 and the first hint of proper instruments....shocking. Reminds me slightly of The Day Before I Went Away from The Hush at the beginning. It's all very pleasant, nice chorus and a bit of a grower. …