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Sutcliffe Jugend were formed 1980-81.

Along with Throbbing Gristle, SPK and Whitehouse, and others SJ were amoung the earliest pioneers of Industrial/Noise/Power Electronic noise music.

Extreme both musically and lyrically, the sheer brutality of Sutcliffe Jugend's early music has rarely been equalled. Sutcliffe Jugend continue to explore new avenues of expression with a wide range of releases now available.

"(1980's): Sutcliffe Jugend were one of the early pioneers of extreme electronic music. The intensity of their early releases has rarely been equaled. The epic 10 hour set "We Spit On Their Graves" becomes the new by-word for ultra-extreme music. Kevin Tomkins joins Whitehouse for a short period from 1982………. (1990's): Kevin and Paul then released four albums with Bodychoke. Three Sutcliffe Jugend albums and the single XI are released, culminating in ultra-extreme pairing of "When Pornography Is No Longer Enough" and "The Victim As Beauty"……….. (2000's): Kevin Tomkins and Paul Taylor release a series of experimental and ambient albums. Sutcliffe Jugend perform live for the first time, more dates follow……….. (2007): The first Sutcliffe Jugend album in eight years "THIS IS THE TRUTH" released. Their most accomplished and complete work to date. Released by Ground Fault Recordings and Hospital Productions in February/March. A new limited vinyl release "TRANSGRESSION" including the epic title track is recorded in preperation for a tour of Japan in April along with the split album with Satori including the 28 min SJ track "WHITE GOODS"

Sutcliffe Jugend continue to record and perform, check out our home page for news of upcoming concerts and releases.


Kevin Tomkins: Vocals, Electronics and additional instruments

Paul Taylor: Guitar, Electronics and additional instruments

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