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Official Website: www.surrogatesibling.com
Connect on Facebook: www.facebook.com/surrogatesibling
Connect on Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/surrogate-sibling

SURROGATE SIBLING is the solo studio project of composer/multi-instrumentalist Dieter Dolezel.

Being an already established, multiple award-winning classically trained composer, originally active in the field of contemporary classical music, his interests gradually developed over time towards a more inclusive approach to music making, one that would incorporate the multitude of musical influences that accompanied him since his earliest days of being a musician. As a consequence, the vision arose to found a music project, that would be an open playing field of free musical expression between the poles of classical and popular music, yet devoid of any mainstream trends and hence, Surrogate Sibling was born.

From early on, a rather unique feature of the project was the notion of featuring various collaborating musicians with vastly different musical backgrounds, that would also possibly change with each new album.
The music is deliberately neither strictly classical nor pop, oscillating freely between intricately crafted, chamber-music-like string and piano arrangements and contemporary electronic beats and soundscapes in varying degrees, mixing it up with the occasional electric guitar part, performed by Dolezel himself, incorporating a wide range of influences spanning from Reichian minimalism to Autechre’s abstract electronica and even a little dose of Ravel.

The self-titled debut album was released to critical acclaim on Autentico Music in late 2014, with a short tour accompanying its release. The notable first lineup featured Carlos Cipa on piano and New York based Sirius Quartet on strings as collaborators, with each track featuring a different combination of musicians never to repeat itself on the entire album.

Since its release, the album slowly but steadily garnered recognition, ultimately resulting in listings on several high-profile playlists on Spotify et al. and a publishing deal with Warner/Chappell. Recently, CIV, the first ever written composition for Surrogate Sibling, got featured as opening track on renowned Café del Mar’s latest piano compilation album.

2017 marks a shift in direction for Surrogate Sibling, with the addition of maverick vocalist Chaem to the current lineup, enhancing the so far purely instrumental sonic palette with her hugely distinctive voice. Testament to the new collaborative effort is the release of their first single Derailed, which already got featured in a new image movie for the well-known outdoor outfitter Vaude.
Derailed is accompanied by an elaborate recomposition of Secret Longing, the 4th track from dear friend and longtime collaborator Carlos Cipa’s highly acclaimed sophomore album All Your Life You Walk.

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