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SUBNOIR was founded in 2014 in Norway by Inge Reehaug and Kenneth Mellum. They had been jamming for several years besides their main bands. Inspired by the greats of the post metal genre they sought out to play more heavy and atmospheric music. They decided to write some songs, and few months later an album was born. It operates within the spheres of post metal with a hint of sludge - creating melancholy in a massive wall of sound within dynamic spaces.

Having played in several bands each in the past, both Inge and Kenneth had connections in the music scene in Norway and soon a complete lineup was formed. Inge on drums, Kenneth on guitar and vocals, Oliver Øien on bass and backing vocals, Jørgen Øiseth Berg and Marius Sjøli on guitars and Peter Haugen on keys/synth. Inge saw his other projects taking up too much time to be able to continue working with SUBNOIR, and in 2016 he left the band. This opened up for Jonas Rønningen, who took over the role as the drummer.

During 2018 the band are planning to release the album “A Long Way From Home” and a tour in Norway. SUBNOIR has already started writing material for their second album.

Bandccamp: https://subnoirofficial.bandcamp.com/releases
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SUBNOIRband

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