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About Stuart Styron Star

The evolution of German music can be attributed to some of the most accomplished musicians in the world like Beethoven and Mozart. They are an inspiration to musicians and the classical tunes are followed and appreciated by the contemporary greats across the world. The German music market is also one of the world`s largest and the biggest in Europe. Germany is also home to talented performers and music producers who attract the attention of a large audience and produce melodic symphonies.

Music is extremely powerful as a medium to express. Especially if the artist has more variety of songs and writes on issues which are thought provoking and has the musical sense to evoke emotion. During a time where materialism and sham are synonymous with modern age music and artists express music more as vogue rather than content, very few artists can boast of excellence. Artists who create music with focus on lyrical craft and musical diversity, exhibit a deeper connect with music and evidently get a lot of praise as the audience appreciates and connects to well written and created music. The same holds good for performing arts and cinema.

Stuart Styron is one such German actor musician and vision artist who creates music with great panache. His musical genre is a mix of ambient and electronic music. He has carved out some unforgettable masterpieces in his latest album ’When I Hit the Time Ghost of the 22nd Century’. With a great vocal quality like David Bowie, mix of the 70`s music with contemporary music and an undertone which signifies a lot of meaning to the tracks, one is sure awestruck by the emotion each song evicts.
The artist took a lot of effort to carefully craft the pieces together for each song. Each song elevates the listener to higher musical levels and stimulates such interest that one starts feeling one with the music and has thoughts about the universe he is a part of. The focus of the album and the artist is to reach to deeper and nascent levels of subconscious mind and grow on the listener even further engaging, drawing him to the music and inciting the listener to think about a greater perspective.

The bass lines are prominent, the tracks are emotional, haunting and even scary at few instances. There is a build up to the songs and one can easily conclude that there has been a lot of thought and work put into creating each of the album tracks. For someone who has bowled the audience over with his first album ‘We need more miracles’, the second album is spell bounding audiences even more. Well for someone like Stuart Styron who is a visionary in music, perfection and creating a timeless sound is a part and parcel of each album.

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