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  • Veröffentlichungsdatum

    9. Juli 2018

  • Dauer

    7 Titel

Information über "Dominance Empire" von Komponist Stuart Styron

“Dominance Empire”: Another Fantastic Soundtrack Music Album Release From Stuart Styron Of A Leaving Reality Production

Stuart Styron of A Leaving Reality Production has released a new digital album on July 10th, 2018, “Dominance Empire.” According to information, many songs have been rated, “Explicit.” We asked Stuart Styron for an explanation, and here is his feedback:

Hello, sorry for the belated answer. Thank you for your interest… So, “Dominance Empire” is a work from 2007, which I have revisited, since the beginning of 2018. This album is purely instrumental, and only recorded with a keyboard. That keyboard, on which I played all tracks, was a small keyboard. A keyboard, which is suitable for children…So, not a professional keyboard. I only recorded three different sounds externally from another synthesizer.

Look at the cover. The cover shows a black cat (my black cat “Night York”) surrounded by my music equipment. This is also the subject of Dominance Empire. When I started improvising on the keyboard, I discovered sounds that I could not identify. Therefore, I decided to write something fictional, about a species, which has never existed. Nothing new, but as an artist, something I had to touch on, with this kind of theme. Writing about aliens was too cheap for me. The impulse came as my black cat, which placed itself within the music devices, during my production, looked at me confidently, very dominant, as if it was about her personally. That was somehow “suspicious,” but fascinating. The first thought was to name the album “Suspectica,” but I had decided otherwise. For me it was clear, the fictional species is the cat. So, everything revolves around the species “cat” on the album. It describes how the cats incarnated here on earth and did not find their way back to the star “Suspectica;” a really sad topic that only becomes clear in the full version with vocals.

Everyone is allowed to create their own fantasy for themselves. I do not want to tell too much about it, only that every song has meaning.

The album was actually rated as a “Videogame Soundtrack” and all tracks with “Explicit.” In my opinion only 2 songs are borderline: “Million Tears Ago” and “Weeping Marionette.”

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