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  • Veröffentlichungsdatum

    19. September 2016

  • Dauer

    12 Titel

Press Information - Stuart Styron about "Archives Of A last Generation"

Stuart Styron Announces August 20th Release Of New Album “Archive Of A Last Generation”
Archive_Of_A_Last_Generation_1920_1080_Stuart_Styron__FrontcoverOn August 20th, 2016, German actor, composer and chief of “A Leaving Reality Production,” Stuart Styron will be releasing his latest album, Archive of a Last Generation. Originally recorded in 2009-10, and revised from August 2015-16, the incredibly strong and powerful album is dedicated to the Aramean history. As the son of Aramaic parents, Styron says, “The soundtrack would fit perfectly to today’s force of Aramaic consciousness, compared to the usual stale folk music. Look forward to a piece of history.” The album will initially be released digitally, worldwide, followed by a physical CD release.

Styron says, “It is a very hard process to produce the album with the right portion of vocals. We need the right ancient atmosphere…We started singing in a choir way… Getting a feeling being in a church or in other monument buildings. Yes, Aramaens are the oldest folk in the world. Did you know this?”

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