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  • Jahre aktiv

    1992 – heute (27 Jahre)

The dance music world is built upon a perpetual cycle of imitation and innovation. Those favouring imitation, once a commercially viable formula has been attained, are the ones whose names form national radio playlists whereas the innovators, from Drexciya to dBridge and beyond, are the ones who work to earn the respect of one of the most competitive music scenes in the world.

Tom Neilan AKA Stickman is such an innovator. Raised somewhere in the vast expanse of wilderness outside Manchester, Stickman’s wholly unique sound is the sonic embodiment of a youth spent sitting in front of a battered production setup listening to Hip-Hop tapes on repeat.

Equally adept at crafting earth shaking and subtly moving D&B movements as he is at making dancefloors lose it, a Stickman production is characterised by an audible insouciance, a refreshing attitude to an often over pasteurised process, one where feeling is prioritised over form.

With releases on Mindset, Medschool and Pushing Red, DJ support from the likes of Rob Booth, Indigo, dBridge, Synkro, Goldffinch, Ruckspin, and more, Stickman is destined for the outer reaches of the electronic world.

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