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Born in Birmingham in 1985 Stevie Hoang moved to London at the age of 1. During his childhood he enjoyed casually playing the keyboard. Then at the age of 11 Stevie’s parents saw a glimpse of the musical talent within him and persuaded him to take piano lessons. His musical skills began to develop further and at school he acquired the nickname “The Jukebox” due to his talent in playing numerous songs.

After 5 years of piano lessons, Stevie’s interest in classical music began to diminish and he started to listen to RnB and Rap music; his favourites being Will Smith, Boyz 2 Men, Dru Hill and Joe. After obtaining an A* in GCSE music, Stevie decided to take an A level in Music Technology at a collage in East London. Here he learnt the basics of production and working in a recording studio. Stevie recorded his first demos using his collage’s great facilities, where he decided to concentrate on production. Once he obtained his A Level Stevie decided to take a year out before going to university. While working at Trocadero in the West End he was contacted by a music manager who had heard some of Stevie’s production work through a friend. After negotiations he signed a contract and began working at the lower part of the music industry.

After gaining a reputation as a promising young producer Stevie, at the age of 19, was signed to the independent record label Happnin Records. Here he started working with a better level of singers and rappers. This was the first time he was given the chance to work in a professional studio and use top of the range equipment. Upon leaving the company in 2004 Stevie set up his own studio in his house. It was at this time that he began to make his best music working with artists such as Kay B, Ghetto Luv and ultimately Unkle Jam from Virgin Records. Gradually Stevie’s vocal techniques, producing and song writing improved significantly that when he recorded his first demo, a cover of Mario’s ‘You Should Let Me Love You’, it received an incredible response from everyone that heard it. This motivated Stevie to start to write and produce his own songs.

In late 2006 Stevie joined the social networking site MySpace. Here he gained a huge following for his music and after the encouragement from his fans Stevie officially began to record his first album in April 2007. Over the following months he divided all of his time between working in the studio writing and producing his songs and working out in the gym in preparation for his photo shoot. While recording his album Stevie took influences from his Chinese ancestry to create a successful blend with modern RnB. It has always been Stevie’s ambition to become the first Oriental RnB artist in the UK. Thankfully over this time his older sister Stephanie was fully funding him so that he can concentrate solely on his music.

During this period his MySpace page was going from strength to strength and he was averaging over 5000 plays and 3000 new hits a day which propelled him to the top of the MySpace artist charts in both the UK and USA. He also began to appear on a number of other websites such as YouTube, where his fans would post their home made videos of his songs. Over time Stevie was attracting new fans of all races and ages. Stevie has been incredibly overwhelmed and shocked by the response to his music.

On December 11th 2007, Stevie Hoang’s eagerly anticipated debut album ‘This Is Me’ was released on his own label, Stevie Hoang Productions. In the first two months it went on to sell over 2000 units through his MySpace page alone.


* Over 1 Million Hits
* More than 1.5 million plays of his tracks
* Average of 10,000 views daily
* More than 22,000 friends
* No 1 unsigned UK artist in myspace chart
* No 8 unsigned US rnb artist in myspace chart


* On YouTube, there has been more than 300 fan videos made
* On YouTube, the fan videos made have had more than 1million views
* More than 2million plays on imeem
* Over 1200 CDs sold in the first month of release
* Playlisted on Choice FM

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