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Hailing from the rugged heartland of the New South Wales south coast, Steven Smyth’s roots in music can be traced back, past adolescent forays into punk, folk and rock, to a childhood of Sunday gospel sessions.

Smyth’s musical passions range far and wide. At 14, he started a short-lived punk band, by his late teens it was all about Bob Dylan. ” The first time I heard Bob Dylan, it was like he hit through the speakers direct to my soul”, the timelessness of Dylan’s work was something that Steve, now strives to capture in his own music. Smyth creates a sublime and haunting array of songs united by their ability to make time stand still.

Smyth says. “The flash-in-the-pan, Top of the Pops thing doesn’t interest me. If I had to define my aim, I’d say I want to make music that can’t be pushed into any particular genre or label, but that will be known distinctively as my own.”

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