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Steril are
Mähne Meenen > Vocals
Axel Tasler > Guitars & Programming
Jan Wilking > Keyboards & Programming


The German Electo-Industrial band STERIL founded in 1989. Their first demo "Fresh & Virgin" was a huge hit in Zwischenfall, which was at the time one of the famoust clubs in Bochum /Germany.

It was the underground success that lead STERIL to their first record deal with Off Beat Records. STERIL, along with bands like Frontline Assembly, Project Pitchfork and Download quickly made Off Beat the biggest German independent label for electronic music.

Appearences on countless compilations, STERIL has their own catalogue comprized of five full length cds, three maxi singles and of course one 'Best of'-Release.

Over the years STERIL's music has both developed and matured. It is influenced by many different styles but also has its own indisinguishbale sound. You always know when you are listen to a STERIL song. ..STERIL combines pounding club beats, complex arrangements and sometimes aggressive guitar. Their songs are meaningful and well structured with catchy hook lines.

STERIL's underground success in Germany soon spilled out over the borders, where their whole catalogue was licensed to 21st Cicuitry (US) and Westcom (UK). Hits such as "No Remission", "Egoist" and "Deep" attracted lots of attention not only in the US and UK but also places as far as Portugal, Brazil and Australia.

However, STERIL is not just a studio band. They support their driving powerful sound with an entertaining and energetic live show with Mähne at the helm. After three big tours STERIL has matured into a live act that sponsored the 96/97 Cyber Vision Tour in Europe. This boasted the popularity of the band which were later featured on MTV and VIVA.

2006 the canadian Label Artoffact Records has released the compilation '400 years of electronic music' including all their hits. Second strike was the release of their fifth album 'REALISM'. An EBM album full of catchy electro-songs.

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