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"The universe is a big thing"

It is pretty hard to describe what these five guys from Austria are planning to do. Nobody knows. Are they trying to invent an intergalactic spaceship made out of vintage music instruments? What fuel would they use? Would it be worn out underwear? Could this work? Maybe they do not even need a spaceship to reach the cosmos? Maybe they have already been there on vacation last summer? Who knows?

As far as their music is concerned, it seems that they have just returned from a trip to outer space, facing a new challenge back on earth: praise the wicked space duck, take this cosmic energy and connect it to the ground.

They hereby invite you to be a part of their journey by joining their shows and listening to their latest record, “The Mustache Mozart Affaire.” It’s a logbook written from the depths of their souls and it strikes deeply into the heart and straight into your face: honestly, emotionally and in straightforward manner.

They have the lead weight of Led Zeppelin, the spherical reach of Pink Floyd and the significance of Bob Dylan; all combined and pimped with some electronical and synthy stuff. They are what they are: an up to date rock band that knows how to honor the past.

There has always been something special about their live performances. They create a constantly increasing and unique energy between the audience and the band, which reaches its peak towards the end of the show. It’s their ambition to share their desire and devotion for music with all the people out there.

After playing a single support show with “Portugal the Man” in Salzburg 2008, they decided that they wanted them to be their support for the whole tour. The following years they have toured with bands like The Builders and the Butchers, Eagle Seagull, Hello Electric, … . They have played several support shows for Thin Lizzy, Monster Magnet, International Noise Conspiracy, Therapy, Oceansize, The Ravonettes, Kashmir, and many more…

2011 is going to be a busy year for them too. They have announced the release for their new album in May. A single and a video are going to be released in Mai. They will be touring across Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Spain in May/June.

Yet confirmed festivals for summer 2011 are: Noise Pollution Festival, On the Rocks Festival, Movida Festival, Wartberg Open Air and certain festivals in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Autumn and Winter is set to be tour time again: US West Coast and Eastern Europe.

Everybody Dance, please!

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