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  • Geburtstag

    1985 (33 Jahre alt)

  • Geboren in

    Ellensburg, Kittitas County, Washington, Vereinigte Staaten

“Star Anna is an American original.” (Mike McCready/Pearl Jam)

Star Anna (Star Anna Constantina Krogstie Bamford) is an American vocalist and rhythm guitarist from Ellensburg, Washington, described by Barbara Mitchell of NPR as belonging to the genre of Americana and by Nicole Brodeur of the Seattle Times as alt-country. Duff McKagan wrote of her singing, "She is the real deal. There is a pain in her voice that comes from somewhere deep, a place I dare not ask where it comes from." Brodeur described her as having "a voice full of bluster that will slam the door behind you, then find itself alone to take in the loneliness, the quiet, the beauty."

Star Anna began playing drums at age 11. As a drummer, she played in a punk rock band called No Continuous Standing, while attending high school, then, by the age of 16, became a guitarist and started writing songs. Her early songs were specifically Christianbut later she began to write more personal material. Her band, Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs, includes Justin Davis (guitar), Keith Ash (bass), and Travis Yost (drums); since summer 2010, the band has also included Ty Bailie on keyboards. Davis replaced original guitarist Corey Dosch, who left the band to pursue his Ph.D.; Ash replaced earlier bassist Frank Johnson.

Crooked Path (2008)
The Only Thing That Matters (2009)
Alone in This Together (2011)
Call Your Girlfriend (Single) (2012)
Go To Hell (2013)
The Sky Is Falling (2014)

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