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  • Geburtstag

    25. September 1977 (39 Jahre alt)

  • Geboren in

    Portland, Cumberland County, Maine, Vereinigte Staaten

Tim Holland, is a rap artist classified under the genre of Conscious hip hop and a co-founder of the alternative hip hop collective known as anticon. Sole is known for his dense, often dark and sometimes depressing, stream-of-consciousness lyrics. His extremely fast, unorthodox delivery mirrors his non-conformist views, and the subject matter of his lyrics tends toward deep, introspective thoughts on everything from suicide and martyrdom to Anarchism, philosophy, and relationships, even quoting the infamous British poet Lord Byron. Although his verses tend to be subjective "rants", they are often filled with an unusual amount of abstract metaphor and allusion. Described as "Jack Kerouac meets Ice Cube meets David Koresh" (The Wire), his albums and record label have been featured in big-name magazines such as Playboy and The Wire. Although he has gotten some media attention, he is still considered to be "underground" in the hip hop community, his music considered too dark, abstract, and inaccessible for the mainstream. A feud with El-P, at that time still a fellow underground MC/Producer with the label Definitive Jux, brought him and his label minor attention in the mainstream indie hip hop movement. Sole is also a producer and releases his self-produced experiments under the alias mansbestfriend, taken from the name of his Apple G4 computer.

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