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Five men, one vision, no compromises: sleepingodslie. A band from Munich / Germany. After a few demos now their first "real" album, which is unable to be pressed in schemes or fixed patterns.

No wonder: The band members listen to any kind of music: Rock, Metal, Alternative, Hardcore, HipHop, Reaggae. Anyway, "phlegma." is not Crossover. Dog eat Dog and Rage against the machine existed before. sleepingodslie do their own thing: modern rockmusic with countless influences. Comparable bands? Not to be numbered here, because the 10 tracks remind everyone of something else. Only one thing so far: Even oriental elements are not unknown to them.

When they recorded their "plantin' seedz" demo in 2001 and "Babylon" became a Club-Hit, they got attention by the industry. Basis of negotiations: "We're gonna make something out of You guys. Put black colour on Your hairs, let yourself grow some dreadlocks, wear these outfits. But most of all: Play that certain sound, so we can sell You better." Exactly. Fuck You, industry!

Better continue to produce demos and play at small venues, but stay true to oneself. In 2003 sleepingodslie participate in a demo-contest: Metal Hammer elects one band who's able to play at the Summer Breeze Festival in front of more than 10.000 people. sleepingodslie win. And they convince as a powerful live-act. The live review in Metal Hammer ends with the words: "Would someone please give them a record deal?"

2004: The contract with silverdust records is signed. During their recordings to the "phlegma." album everything imaginable goes wrong: Amplifiers blow up in smoke, guitars break, the drummer gets injured. Rock'n'Roll. In difficult sessions and mostly at night the guys from Munich complete their work. Bass player René, a sound engineer, produces the album. Pablo, a graphic designer does the artwork. 100 percent self made. 100 percent independent music. Well, better than black dyed dreadlocks, that fall off after half a year…

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