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  • Geburtstag

    3. Januar 1990 (27 Jahre alt)

  • Geboren in

    Inglewood, Los Angeles County, California, Vereinigte Staaten

“A beast grows in Inglewood,” says rapper Skeme with a somewhat arrogant grin. The 18 year old rapper does have a reason to smile though. With two very impressive mixtapes, “Skeme of Things” and “Pre Season” and his newest work entitled “Million Dollar Baby” finished; Skeme has captured the ears of urban youth. Born Lonnie Kimble, Skeme reminisces on his childhood. “I could remember my grandma didn’t want me listening to the songs with curse words on em, but my pops would come and let me slide; from there it was all downhill.” Witty wordplay and a slowed to perfection flow is what separates Skeme from most west coast artist’. Not to mention the following that he has created behind his “Jerk” movement amongst the LA youth “I make songs for everything you could do on a everyday basis, whether it be for the club, my people in the struggle, guys and they girlfriends, hustling to make money, and then of course my own personal situations also. But the most fun songs to make are the songs I know my peers are going to dance and have fun to.” With his father being absent until he was 14 years old Skeme turned to the streets for lessons on becoming a man. Though he ran the streets in efforts to support himself, he always knew that music would be his main ticket out of the inner city struggle in Inglewood, California. Performances with Houston heavyweights Paul Wall and Devin the Dude gave the underground talent his first large amount of buzz. “Every time I go to the parties that I’m old enough to get into, I get tripped out to hear my own music playing and everybody loving it and dancing to it,” says Skeme. Now with backing from Violator DJ “Jam-X” Skeme boasts “I’m really just waiting on my chance to blow.” At the young age of 18 Skeme seems more ready than ever to take the rap game over by storm. “I want to make those songs that you hear 5 or 10 years later and still feel as good about them as you did when you first heard it.” Without a doubt Skeme does just that.

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