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Sixth June is a synthpop band from Berlin with origins in Belgrade, formed in 2007 by Laslo Antal and Lidija Andonov. Lidija Andonov (born 1982 in Belgrade) is an actress and singer who graduated in Academy of Arts in University of Novi Sad, Laslo Antal is a film maker, musician and visual artist.*


In 2009 Sixth June performed at EXIT Festival in Novi Sad. 2010 they moved to Berlin and released their first album Everytime on german label Genetic Music and had appearance at BIMfest in Antwerp. The Sixth June Video “Oh no it’s burning” was part of the Berlin Music Week. On sixth June 2011 they released the EP Back For A Day.

2012 they were performing at Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Germany. 2013 they released the mini album Pleasure and had appearance at Nuit Fantastique in Brussels and Summer Darkness in Utrecht. After Berghain concert in 2014 the Berliner Zeitung describes their sound as "sweet, cool, dark elektropop" and close to Propaganda or Depeche Mode. Music videos and live projections are essential part of the performance of Sixth June, it gives the music the right balance and makes the whole experience fuller and richer. Having two people in the band who are closely connected to film, theatre and video art helps Sixth June to be recognizable not only by the music but the visual-image they create as well. After the release of their Pleasure EP ( came out in December 2013) , peek-a-boo magazine described their work as: The music from Laslo Antal and Lidija Andonov sounds indeed very 80’s, but at the same time contemporary as well. I know, they’re not the first who are doing such things…The only thing is that it often feels like Sixth June are just a bit better than the others, just like if their songs are classics themselves…. Indestructible monuments on their own. Yeah, I really use such big words. After hearing their brand new 5 tracks 12 EP Pleasure, I feel like to use these words again….
Name and influences
Sixth June's band name has no concrete reference to June 6 in history. Their music is strongly influenced by 1980s Dark culture bands and their albums, like Seventeen Seconds (The Cure, 1980), Music for the Masses (Depeche Mode, 1987), Dead Can Dance (1984), Mask (Bauhaus, 1981). Formative is Lidija Andonov's warm melancholic voice.

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