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SINE is the new project of the brothers Thomas and Jochen Hauser, who are producers of differnet successful Chillout-acts featured on many popular compilations.
SINE blends clectronic elements with pianos, guitars and vocals to form new Chillout- / Ambient- Collages, which immediately enchant the listener.

Sunset at the beach, bald trees in the forest, rays of light dividing darkness and brightness. Such a versatile scenario on the CD covers reflects the versatile music of SINE in a perfect way. The minds that have created SINE are Thomas Hauser and Jochen Hauser, brothers and musicians, think and compose chillout music in a new way. The combination of acoustic instruments and electronic elements makes the sound of SINE distinctive. Thomas Hauser, guitarist, owner of a music studio and boss of the label Sine Music names some well-known influences for SINE: Mike Oldfield, Orbital, Leftfield, Massive Attack, Tricky.

SINE's story has bagun back in 2008, rather randomly founded and started with the first EP "Cross that line". SINE is meant to be a balance. When you have a passion for rock music aswell and like to record this kind of music with young bands in your studio, you'll need a balance to that all the same. For Thomas Hauser this balance is chillout music. Even in the times before SINE he composed chillout tracks under other names that have been released on 300 different compilations on CD, not to mention the digital compilations. And also with SINE the brothers released their tracks on numerous compilations and reached top positions in the chillout charts.

On the 19th December 2014 the current album "Ruhepol" will be released on Sine Music containing the best Songs out of six years SINE. This time another part of SINE gains more importance: photography. In addition to the album you can get a photo book that is composed of 36 pictures, taken and compiled by Thomas Hauser. Pictures and music unite to an intensive experience. The essence of SINE.

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