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Born in Hollywood (*1987), multi-instrumentalist, producer and visual artist Simonne Jones, began to play piano at age three. Self taught, Simonne started by repeating melodies by ear, using books to learn how to read and compose music by age eleven. She learned to engineer and record in high school, ultimately homeschooling herself while working as a model with Elite Model Management in Los Angeles and starting University at sixteen. She evolved into a multi-instrumentalist, and after ten years of playing acoustic guitar produced her own style: percussion with one hand and tapping melodies and harmonics with the other. While enrolled at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, she found the time to produce and engineer her music, perform regularly, and graduate with an honors degree in Visual Arts and Biomedical Research with minors in Art History and Biological Sciences. Also a humanitarian, Jones traveled to Ghana on a research grant to create HIV/AIDS awareness in adolescents. The experience reflects her passion for the intensity of the human spirit and in her lyrics an appreciation for limitless possibilities in human potential. An accomplished painter, Simonne’s art was first published in 2006 and first exhibited in Florence, Italy. Her work reflects her scientific background and diverse descent with Cherokee, Caribbean, French and Italian in her blood. After working in a biochemical laboratory cloning genes she mutated in the HIV genome to identify the structures responsible for preventing virus replication, she co-authored a paper in Science Magazine, then focused on music full time. Simonne’s style is dichotomous and experimental, yet accessible. She is commanding, yet delicate; merging tech and feminine. She approaches her art with a scientific curiosity and the otherworldly. Her technique is mysterious, as Simonne builds instruments and has constructed a customized electronic drum guitar and midi loop system to use on stage. She also began constructing her customized LED consoles into her artwork. Not long after she created a 4 meter hairy vagina set piece for the Peaches rock opera in Berlin. They also collaborated to write the “Free Pussy Riot” song for the imprisoned performance artists in Russia, and fronted a protest in Berlin in front of the Russian Embassy. She catalyzes curiosity in a limitless universe: integrating research, humanitarian work, fashion, engineering and science. Bild Magazine described her as “…the most beautiful alien in the world of music.” Acknowledged as a songwriter-activist by Rolling Stone Magazine and the New York Times. She is currently based in Berlin preparing for a solo exhibition and planning the release of her debut album.

(Quelle: http://simonnejones.org )

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