• Yes… I’m at it again

    16. Dez. 2005, 0:12 von helikoppter

    I wasn’t going to order any more cds for myself till next year, but I promised a friend to order him some movies from YesAsia and my basket was so perfect I didn’t want to ruin it… (+ I’ve noticed some items disappear when added to the wish list) This is what was in it:

    Cheolgabang Project - 노래를 배달해드립니다. The combination of a ridiculously cheap album and some people listed as Korean folk really left me no alternative even though I haven’t heard a single song of theirs so far…

    Dabang Band – Product. Korean indie rock with mainly English lyrics. Love them. I’ve wanted their album since I first heard it last year, but it was nowhere to be found. Surprised I stumbled upon it on YesAsia some week ago - of course it went directly into my cart ^^

    Fiddle Bambi – Bambi Rocks. Psych pop, garage style. Love the cover and I’m still in love with Beatball’s previous psych pop act, Sagitta, so my expectations are very high for this album.