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  • Geburtstag

    1987 (31 Jahre alt)

Siavash Amini is a composer/producer/guitarist from Tehran, Iran. His music draws from many genres and styles including: Noise, Drone, Ambient and Modern classical. His experiments with guitar textures was released on Umor Rex Records in form of the album "Till human voices wake us". It was based on the imagery of T. S. Eliot`s poems. He then moved on to compose a series of pieces for computer, guitar and strings called "What wind whispered to the trees", based on the movie "The Mirror" by Andrei Tarkovsky and two Dostoyevsky novels. It was released on British label Futuresequence.
His last solo album called "Subsiding" was a series of compositions for string quartet, guitar, clarinet and computer. In 2016 he continued his exploration of combining modern classical composition with noise and electro acoustic techniques in form of two albums: First was a collaboration with spoken word artist Matt Finney ( released on Umor Rex) and the second one is with the Greek composer and multi instrumentalist Phil Gardelis. He will continue these explorations in 2017 with another collaboration with Matt Finney called "Second Shift" and a solo album called "TAR" and his Audio/Visual project with Czech visual artist Tereza Bartunkova called Serus. He also Collaborated with Rafael Anton Irisarri on two closing tracks of his album called "Shameless Years".

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