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1. The band, originally known as Trojan, was a lot heavier in style than the music that made Shy an AOR staple.

Vocalist Tony Mills was sacked on the same day that Steve Harris (guitars), Paddy McKenna (keyboards), Mark Badrick (bass) and drummer Alan Kelly were offered a deal to make a record for Ebony Records. Their first album, called Once Bitten…Twice…, was released in 1983. Initial reports from Kerrang! were incredibly positive, however, a reporter was increasingly sarcastic to the band in the interview that would follow. After the release, Mills ditched the David Bowie-esque make up, and Mark Badrick was replaced by Roy Davies.

Shy left Ebony Records and moved to RCA Records. Their major label debut came in 1985 with Brave the Storm, which featured impressive vocals on the track of the same name. This release gained much success despite the single "Hold On (To Your love)" being disqualified from the charts, as early copies included a shrink-wrapped T-shirt. Reviews from Kerrang! were this time more positive, comparing Mill's soaring vocals with those of Geoff Tate, vocalist of Queensrÿche.

In the eighteen months that preceded the band's third album, Shy had already become a big name by touring with Bon Jovi, Meat Loaf, Twisted Sister, Gary Moore and UFO (band). Shy was also famously kicked of a tour with Manowar, whilst in front of 6,000 people, Shy were unplugged mid-set. Manowar cited "incompatibility" as the reason, however Shy suggested they were getting too much attention.

Shy relocated to Los Angeles to start recording their next album, Excess All Areas, released in 1987. The album featured Shy's biggest hit, Break Down The Walls co-written with Don Dokken. The album quickly rocketed into Britain's top 75, with Metal Hammer magazine being particularly appreciative, suggesting that Steve Harris could give Bon Jovi's Richie Sambora a run for his money.

The year 1989 saw the release of aptly titled Misspent Youth, now under the label of MCA. However, in pre-production, the band fell out with producer Roy Thomas Baker, who then barely bothered to make any effort on the album. The result was an album that the band themselves didn't believe in.

In 1994, the release of the first Shy album without Mills, Welcome To The Madhouse brought mixed reviews; the grunge invasion forced reviewers to apologise for any major acclaim. Although "Wardi" was considered a good singer, the fans wanted Mills.

The band released a live album in 1999, recorded in Europe, and two albums containing previously unreleased songs, Let The Hammer Fall and Regeneration.

Mills agreed to return to the band in 2000. By 2002, Shy had recorded and released an album featuring Mills, which was called Unfinished Business and saw Man drummer Bob Richards replacing Kelly. It had positive reviews, however, it was in 2005 that Sunset And Vine that really put Shy back on the map. In addition to Mills, Harris and Davis, this album featured Mills' ex Siam colleague Ian Richardson on rhythm guitar and keyboard player Joe Basketts who had previously worked with Mills on his solo album.

In 2006, Mills met with Norwegian rock act TNT, and announced he was leaving Shy to take up the vocalist slot, empty since the announced departure of Tony Harnell. Shy ironically supported TNT on their final tour.

Shy originally had planned for Tony O'Hora to replace Mills, however, Lee Small, formerly of Surveillance, took the helm for a handful of gigs before parting company with Shy in January 2009. The band are currently recording an album, now scheduled for release in Summer 2009.


* 1983 Once Bitten...Twice...
* 1985 Brave the Storm
* 1987 Excess All Areas
* 1989 Misspent Youth
* 1994 Welcome to the Madhouse
* 1999 Regeneration
* 1999 Let the Hammer Fall
* 1999 Live in Europe
* 2001 Breakaway (EP)
* 2002 Unfinished Business
* 2005 Sunset and Vine
* 2006 Reflections (The Anthology 1983-2005)
*2011 Shy

Current members

* Lee Small - Vocals
* Steve Harris - Guitars
* Ian Richardson - Guitars
* Roy Davis - Bass
* Joe Basketts - Keyboards
* Bob Richards - Drums

Previous members

* Tony Mills - Vocals
* Alan Kelly - Drums
* Paddy McKenna - Keyboards
* John Ward (Wardi) - Vocals
* Mark Badrick - Bass

2. Band aus Linz (Österreich), gegründet Anfang der 1990-er.

3. Es gab definitiv eine Portsmouth-Band namens Shy, die 1977 die Royal Lodge Summer Residency spielten, 1979 auch im Colt International Social Club.

Shy in Portsmouth bestanden aus

  • Brian Howe - lyrics, vocals
  • Bob Snelling - guitar, keyboards, vocals
  • Andy Fretwell - guitar, vocals
  • Chris Fretwell - bass, vocals
  • Graham Jessup - drums



* 1979 Girl (It's All I Have) / Hey, you
* 1980 Be By My Side / Turnaround

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