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SHIVA IN EXILE is a new age/oriental/gothic project started in 2003 by former PC game soundtrack composer and DARKSEED vocalist/songwriter Stefan Hertrich (Munich/Germany).

"Ethnic", his first album, was released in 2004.

It is an enveloping sound rich with atmosphere and the pulsating life of percussion, an almost gothic expanse warmed with the vocals and instruments of distant lands. The album won the Just Plain Folks Music Award 2004 in the category "Best New Age/World Album 2004".

"Nour" is an innovative mix of modern Gothic/Electro/Soundtrack and ethnic/oriental elements (dozens of stringed, woodwind and percussion instruments from the Near East, Africa and native America). In combination with the unique, original vocal performance of Yana Veva (St. Petersburg/Russia) this album became extremely energetic and mystic but yet warm and sensitive, inviting the listener to a spiritually uplifting experience.

A journey from Middle East to Far East echoed by simple world rhythms and resounding through an ambient backdrop.

Shiva In Exile enriches the appeal of world music with the presence of ambient. We prefer the term "World Ambient" as it is most descriptive of the music.

Stefan Hertrich (vocalist and songwriter of "Darkseed" and "Betray My Secrets") is the composer and responsible for all arrangements on the album.

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