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  • Geburtstag

    2. März 1968 (49 Jahre alt)

  • Geboren in

    Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland

The SHANTEL hymn DISKO PARTIZANI has shown the world that it really does exist: music without frontiers. All over Europe, boys and girls are screaming DISKO, DISKO PARTIZANI! And their grandmothers are belly-dancing, their grandfathers are jumping around, their parents are elated. The style-police are left scratching their heads. “OMG, what’s all this Balkan Pop stuff? We just don’t get it…”

But Shantel does. He knows how to turn a club, a concert hall or the dusty earth of an open-air festival into a temporary autonomous zone – a place where integration isn’t something to be debated at length, but where it actually becomes reality. Established academics and immigrant kids share the same space. Planet Paprika is a place in constant flux, always on the move – and the best thing about it is that you can follow in its wake!

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