• Morocco Shrine = Epic Fail

    17. Feb. 2009, 14:19 von wiredillusion

    Fri 13 Feb – Disturbed, Sevendust, Skindred

    I really hate to do a negative review of the show... but this one deserves it. By far the most absurd venue I've ever been to. Started with the pathetic parking situation (yes, let's park everyone out in a field with no lights but charge them $10... not to mention let's have little old ladies taking money and chit-chatting everyone for a minute or two before letting them through... leading to traffic being backed up on the main road).

    We walked up to the Will Call line a little before 7:00PM... and finally got inside the at 8:30PM. Ended up missing Skindred even though we got there at 7PM (from what we could hear, they only played like 15 minutes anyways). Absolutely ridiculous. They had what I understood to be two lines, one for will call and one for normal tickets. Both were equally large and equally slow. They had two guys doing will call; they had a ton of papers with very small print with names in alphabetical order... …