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Stripped - Bare Electronic Essentials by Mode2' is a collection of tracks released this year and some exclusive unreleased Tracks and Mixes yet to come in 2010, they range from Chilled out breaks to minimal grooved out techno to biting electro house.

Stripped is a great showcase of what Mode2 is all about and where the sound is going in 2010. This over 2 Hour collection is packed with known Dj's from Germany like Bjoern Nafe, Marc Nuit, Lanny May, Lillytronic, Rocco Caine and Sedat Altinok. Part of the essentials are exclusives by Lillytronic, lanny May, Juso, Chris Winch, Bjoern nafe, HydrusX, Happy Empty feat. Naommon, Maxim Romashov, Sedat Altinok, Dirty Culture & Ciprian Robu feat. Alisa, B.R.B. (Be Right Back), Eastman, Naommon, Kill Paris, Yakoozai, Wave Dweller, Allan Deep, Roman Bellezzo, Allan Deep & Mark Okoh feat. Jasmine Phelps.

But this compilation wouldn't be complete without Mode2's big tracks from 2009 by Rocco caine (That's my Game), Esemdi (FAIL), Rogue Robots (BASS), Marc Nuit (Süsse Nuit), Matias Endoor & Hy2rogen (Magnetik) & Andreas Schöneberg (CocktailFever).

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