• finally. . . the top 40 albums of 2014

    6. Jan. 2015, 2:43 von KMFCM

    2014 fucking sucked, for everyone
    shitty years make for good music, usually

    It didn't quite turn out as expected. I was pretty sure this year belonged to Cult Leader, for example. The top 3 albums are not anyone I predicted or even knew they had albums coming out before February.

    It also wasn't a very good year for non-metal. only one hip-hop release isn't a disappointment in some way. Indie rock continued to not deliver (except of course one Andrew Falkous), and none of the new shoegaze bands I heard about this year released anything (and Nothing's album isn't that good). . . .but then, this was a shitty year, so metal is more fitting anyway.

    That said, looks like this year was better for newer bands than older ones.
    There are only 2 bands that have existed longer than ten years in the top 10 (and one of them, Godflesh, just came back from being broken up).

    Also, to save you some time, neither Behemoth or Pallbearer are on this list.
    see ya

  • A Running Tally, Phaze III - 2010

    7. Dez. 2009, 14:37 von Bromadrosis

    Didn't do one of these for 2009 on last.fm... That was a mistake. Time to get back to work.
    Principle is the same. All new releases I hear will receive a score out of 100. Updates will happen periodically. Scores may evolve slightly over time, though there won't be any big jumps.

    Scoring table:

    [100] = If it comes to a choice between buying a pill that'll cure your child's cancer or this, buy this.
    [90-99] = Essential. Create an unholy army of flying zombie monkeys to help you obtain this!
    [80-89] = Excellent shizzle, recommended to all. Unless, of course, you're a poothead with vile taste in music stuff.
    [70-79] = Still pretty good, if somewhat unremarkable. Mostly only for fans of the band/genre.
    [60-69] = Maybe you'll like it, maybe you won't. Approach with caution and keep your finger hovering over the button that releases the hounds.
    [50-59] = Mediocre. Only for the true collector with more money than good taste.
    [40-49] = Horse manure by any other name... But hey, at least you got a spare jewel case now.