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  • Jahre aktiv

    2014 – heute (4 Jahre)

Second Side is Sebastian Döller and Fabian Fehrs from Berlin, Germany. The first touch they had with Psytrance was in the middle of 90ties. Sebastian starts his DJ career (DJ Windwanderer) and Fabian was just dancing until he makes his first steps in producing in 1999. After a couple of different projects they founded Second Side in 2014.
The result of countless hours shared in the studio is a thrilling psytrance peppered with melodies that go right into the fingertips and a bass line that force the body to dance. With each track they telling a story that never seems to end.
They already had gigs in Copenhagen, The Hague, Zurich, Hamburg, Berlin and many other cities in Germany. Probably the biggest parties were Odyssee (Germany) and Fullmoonbeachfestival (Netherlands).

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