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Sav Sicc Bio 2017 The moniker Sav Sicc has been synonymous with the name CWAY Mafia since its inception. Real name Michael Caraway Jr., Sav Sicc has grown up in South Sacramento and a product of his environment. Son of Sacramento rap legend Big NoLove, he was bred, born and raised to have musical talent. At a young age of 4 years old he began to rap. Like his father before him it was a natural ability. Growing up in a household of music he adapted quickly. Garnering early acclaim once his mother bought him a karaoke machine at a young age, he began to make his own music and giving out tapes at school. That was the birth of his alter ego, Sav Sicc. At the time Big Nolove was in prison, his promise to his son was to start his rap career, once released from incarceration. So once Big NoLove was released, they have yet to stop the onslaught of releases through their collaborative efforts under the label CWAY Mafia. Sav Sicc has a sinister style that has derived from his young age of listening to some of the greats such as 2Pac, Ice Cube, E-40, Mystikal and Twista. Having a strong lyrical voice and the ability to flip his words at a fast pace sets him apart from the average west coast spitter. Still heavily influenced by his California roots, Sav Sicc music is able to transcend state lines and international barriers. Having fans in different states and countries gives him the ability to branch out and explore a wider range of styles and music. His debut album “Disturbed” has been highly anticipated for years. His meticulous attitude and his strive for perfection has kept it on hold until it is right. In the meantime, he has been featured on various projects via CWAY, Brotha Lynch Hung, Luni Coleone, Twisted Insane and TNutty. With his partner in crime Bleezo, he has blessed us with two “Twin Evil” group collaborations that have become fan favorites two times over. Sav has been on a few cross country promotional tours and been exposed to different regions that have helped influence how he approaches music and music making. His fast rap style has been derived from various influences in his life. Some may refer to him as a west coast version of notables like Twista or Krayzie Bone. Sacramento is a land of untouched talent that he is now emerging from and showing the country what his area has to offer. Co-signed by some of Sacramento’s greats such as Brotha Lynch Hung and X-Raided, he has some big foot prints to follow and undeniably has no problem with it. His current project being promoted at this time is Twin Evil 2. A high velocity musical motion picture that will take you on a ride through the dark side of a gangtas mind as he fights with good and evil. This project has been long awaited since the first Twin Evil was released and fans couldn’t get enough. Long over due and always eager to give the fans what they want, Sav Sicc stretched across multiple genres and offers fans what music has been missing!

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