• Rainy Days and CD Buys

    19. Apr. 2006, 1:11 von gotz_pierced

    A cold and rainy day here in my home town. What better way to spend my lunch break than at Best Buy (my fave music store, a&b Sound, is kinda too far away for a lunch break shopping spree) picking out some tunage.

    First on my list of things to get was something, anything, by the amazing Ani DiFranco. Truthfully, I wasn't really expecting to find her there but to my surprise, sitting totally out of place (I think it was in Destroyer's home or something) was a copy of DiFranco's Evolve album! I was thrilled! So, I searched some more hoping to find another album from her...not a one in sight, wouldn't you know it.

    I have to say one thing about Ani. Well, at least about 'Evolve'. The cd I picked up is in digipak form (I don't know if there is a jewel case form, so that's why I'm specifying) and I must say its the most gorgeously packaged album I've ever seen. Really, if all albums looked as great as this one does...maybe downloading would be a bit less of an issue... …