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  • Jahre aktiv

    1993 – heute (25 Jahre)

1993 – the year of „Judgment Night“, the year, when Punk broke.
A bunch of young fellows, mostly stemming from the Bremen Hardcore-Scene, where they spent years shaping their minds and skills playing ultra-fast Hardcore music, discovered their common love for HipHop. Boldly mixing Slayer-Riffs, big bad beats and a great laugh (occasionally at themselves), Uzi , Ben , Gregcore, The Menace und Da Romeo became pioneers of the new style: the combination of Metal and Rap. Taking the best of both worlds, they offered an energetic stage performance and an adventurous musical approach, channeling the new knowledge of beats and samples through the depths of their eclectic record collections, thus creating a style of their own. They were the punks among the hiphoppers.
After their debut, recorded only two months after the band was started, „Alwaysacutahead“, released on a small indie label two months before (!) „Judgement Night“ came out, the German branch of Rough Trade signed the band before anybody else could.
The band – now without Da Romeo – flew to London to record „No“ in 1994, taking the band on the road with heavyweights like Boo Yaa Tribe, Chumbawumba, Consolidated, Dubwar, Gunshot, Headcrash and others, even Grandmaster Flash had the honour of sharing the stage with Saprize.
Shortly after, MC Uzi decided to split and play Hardcore again with his band Queerfish, Chris from Killa Instinct joined the bunch, which recorded the third album „28203“ in 1995, the title being the poatsl ZIP code of their barrio, the „Viertel“ in Bremen. The record also features the powerful voice of Sandra Nasic from the German Metal-band Guano Apes.
The group disbanded in 1997, remaining friends, still hanging out together, Ben running a concert agency and playing in the bands Kapaikos and Hanns Martin Slayer (what a name – and, yes, the do play Slayer-Songs exclusively!), Gregcore being a producer with a studio in Hamburg, The Menace being a computer administrator in a big company, while Uzi attending design school and playing bass in bands like Home Of The Lame and Terra Flop.

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