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Their first release topped the Trackitdown Minimal Deep Charts for more than a week. Now Konsulat is attacking the floors again with the Electro bomb ‘Low Banger', which comes up with five extraordinary and genre-specific remixes.

Sandra Gold and La Sash are a famous part of Munich's Techno scene for more than 10 years now. Their first common studio production ‘Low Banger' unites their impressions and experiences they picked up over all the years in the clubs.

After this they invited some of their best friends from Munich to do a remix. Joseph Disco of Great Stuff, Robaer & Beatnut5 of Robeat5 Records as well as the Deep House expert Roberto Q. Ingram didn't miss this chance and created fantastic remixes in their familiar style. The Berlin flavour on this EP is delivered by Stivo, who designed the most Detroit like and darkest production on the Low Banger EP. The suitable Minimal Techno version is brought by Andrea Di Rocco from Roseto, Italy. He turns it into a very fast and incredibly dynamic direction.

The Low Banger EP by Sandra Gold & La Sash is out with every proper online retailer on February 8, 2010. Listen all versions on the labels YouTube or SoundCloud Channel or on the official website.


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