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The Band 1993-2013

Sambodromo was a group of young musicians based in Hamburg, Germany. Many appearances on events of various kinds have formed this group to be one of Germany's most experienced percussion-ensembles today.

The Music
Various and differing musical backgrounds and experience ( Reggae, Rock, Metal, Musical, classical music…) are joined to produce modern songs and arrangements against a classical afrobrazilian background: off the beaten tracks and beyond the known cliché. Reggae, HipHop, Funk, Rock, Pop; spiced-up with DJ-sounds. A never-known variety of crossover!
The Instruments
Voice, guitars, bass, drumset, flutes, sax, keyboards, and samplers are used to enhance the solid foundation of forceful grooves, played live by experienced drummers on a great range of traditional afrobrazilian instruments.

SAMBODROMO - B i o g r a p h y
Originally derived in 1993 from a high-school project in Henstedt-Ulzburg, ca. 30 km north of Hamburg / Germany, as a pure percussion ensemble. After they had left school, the main players and their teacher founded a private Samba-group and started recruiting new players. The growing group soon became a gravitational point for many local musicians who already knew each other through many different projects: Rock, Reggae, Metal, Musical, Hip Hop…
Not long, and SD became the project for the most active musicians of the region, which instantly resulted in experimenting, and mixing all kinds of different influences and styles, thus creating something new based on afrobrazilian rhythms: Samba-Crossover! However, the deep roots and grooves of Brazil's music were continuously being explored: On festivals, contacts were established, and friends were made with many, in the huge German and European Samba-scene; workshops were attended, and the goal was always clear: To achieve more musical quality and competence. Especially Mr. Dudu Tucci must be mentioned here, whose continued work as a teacher and recording / performing artist since 1982, has significantly influenced, if not made possible, the German samba-scene.

With an increasing number of shows, the band grew musically and was soon said to be one of Germany's finest, and youngest, samba-groups. An old army-truck was restored to take the band on road-trips through Spain and France, where street shows and nightclub-gigs earned enough money for food, a campsite, and some of the gas. The fun experimenting with the music also grew and so, SD transformed from being a mere "samba-group" to a stage-based band presenting a new, unique kind of music: Melodic instruments like bass, guitars, saxophone, flute, a DJ and vocals were added to the percussion from within their own line-up: Most people at Sambodromo play more than one instrument. a band who is unlikely to leave any musical style untouched: SD fits in no drawer; everything will be mixed with Brazilian rhythms as it pleases Live on stage and overwhelming only enthusiastic.
As time passed, the group gained experience playing on stages and events of various kinds and sizes. As the presence of thirteen musicians on stage captured their audiences on big festival-stages, club-shows were also wildly successful. In Hamburg, their established homebase, SD has become a multicultural happening on club and festival-stages.

Sambodromo's great strength - let aside their music - is the strong bond of confidence among each other: Knowing each other closely for ten years or more, they have gone through a lot and seen a lot together. This bond of trust is also present on stage: Sambodromo appears as a unit whose parts can rely on each other blindly… and expand beyond themselves.

Das neue Album ist da, und verspricht großes, na, vielleicht hat die Band ja Glück und der Inhalt kommt irgendwo an, aber musikalisch, da haben die Jungs einiges zu bieten. - Sambodromo ist wieder da.

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