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Snuff Porn Gore/Horrorcore Rapper, from Germany, started in 2014 with lo-fi Horrorcore, which had worst quality and flow ever. His childhood was full of agony, bullying and depravation. He was in very bad blood with his parents. In this case he did spent a lot of time in his childhood/youth on drugs (mostly alcohol and THC) , hatred, long nights and sex. He also was
three psychiatric wards and 4 years in a establishment residental care for behavioral adolescents. In year 2018, he wanted to give up the rap, but decided to reform "Svart666". He gave up step by step every poison and weak shits, concentrated more on fitness, meditation and healthy life.
Currently he is Straight Edge and turned more into industrial rap with noise, aggrotech, drone, ambient and dark electro influences.
Beside his dark beats, his lyrics are filled with abyssic disgust towards humanity, focused on misanthropy, intolerance, hatred towards "modern world" , on brutal killings and torture/violence against hipsters, prostitutes, mainstream people, cops and politicans, and also hatespeech, /glorifying blasphemy and terrorism, against semitic religions (Christianity, Islam and Judaism)
Svart666 claims that he is political incorrect and hates the wannabe underground, so he rather works alone. At 2014 till 2016 he worked with the Label "666 Kartell Records", mostly with Symen Haze, however Symen and GDAR dissed him in the end of 2016 and Svart666 insulted them as Hipsterrappers and worms of the scene. He said, that the most "underground" Artists are pussies and unworthy to life, because they all try to be, like the mainstream is, fame too.
In his opinion, artists like "Symen Haze", "Blokkmonsta", "Murda Ron" are just "Sheep in wolfs clothing", so they are not underground and have to much fame horniness, in this point they would only belong in the gas chamber.
Currently he owns the label "AHUB Production" /"Krigsrop Records".
His Ideological Standpoint is "Anarchomisanthropy" and Spiritual Satanism
He is a former Antifa activist, but got out of this, because in his opinion, every big political organisation is for him just bullshit propaganda.

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